3 Most In-demand Online Reading Platforms

Who said people don’t read these days? Always being in a hurry, we have learned to read practically on the move: in the queue, on the subway, in a traffic jam… So, we need special helpers to support us, and high-tech mobile reading apps come to our rescue.

Today we will speak about those “heroes”, the greatest ones, to distinguish their functionality and benefits. Let’s proceed.

Moon+ Reader

We shall start with this bright representative of the greatest e-reading applications. Moon+ Reader is an excellent choice for people who love adjusting the service UI according to their likings.

Here’s the list of Moon+ Reader key benefits:

  • the possibility to read books of various file formats, say, Epub, ZIP, HTML, etc.;
  • a comprehensive selection of integrated color themes;
  • two modes to choose from (night and day);
  • cool animated effects while turning the page;
  • touch brightness regulation;
  • caring for the audience’s eyesight (the system informs users when they spend too much time online);
  • access to numerous cost-free books to enjoy (Moon+ Reader offers a much wider range of writings compared to its competitors).

The benefits presented above could easily explain Moon+ Reader’s popularity and demand. Thus, in case one day you decide to create a successful app for reading, we would recommend you to carefully study the experience of this mobile solution to achieve the best possible results.

Moon+ Reader features

Readers who choose to apply for the platform in question will take advantage of the following functionality:

  • full visual opportunities;
  • “intelligent” paragraphs;
  • over 10 themes;
  • the modes checkbox;
  • all 4 screen orientations;
  • different kinds of paging;
  • video & audio content support;
  • 5 various auto-scrolling options;
  • highlighters;
  • annotations;


Moving on, let’s review the following online program for reading that has successfully won over the hearts and minds of a broad audience.

Those below are the reasons why Bookmate is amazing:

  • It allows for full synchronization between diverse gadgets used. Individuals might decide to begin enjoying a book on a tablet and switch to, let’s say, a smartphone to continue reading from that same point;
  • The payment approach is truly user-friendly. Clients don’t need to buy one book at a time. They have two options to choose from – pay monthly fees or get a year-long subscription – to enjoy the entire library filled with multiple works;
  • The corresponding website is available. Persons can also benefit from com with the possibility of uploading books of fb2/epub formats to their libraries;
  • The resource provides a great selection of free books. The Bookmate’s owners understand that not everyone can afford to purchase a book, thus, it offers options for them as well;
  • There’s a possibility to give a subscription for Bookmate to friends as a gift.

Bookmate features

It’s the right time to discover what solutions the mentioned framework presents:

  • books (including audio ones) available in 12 languages;
  • hints and tips from friends, writers, experts, and others;
  • possibility to share stories;
  • convenient tools for customization.


Last but definitely not least, we are to explore the given mobile software that allows not only to read but also to write. The idea behind Wattpad is to launch a dialogue between readers and authors.

The solution provides the possibility to read ebooks free of charge, communicate with favorite writers, and even post pieces of literature written by its users. Creative people will enjoy Wattpad a lot.

Wattpad features

Individuals who take advantage of the application can hope to receive such functionality, as:

  • a chance to have own stories discovered;
  • possibility to enjoy original writings;
  • an environment to communicate with like-minded persons;
  • access to complimentary books in the library;
  • possibility to read literature that happened to inspire world-famous blockbusters.

All the eBook reading apps defined above are great, however, you could develop an even greater online service to find your audience. Just make sure you add some gamification elements, as well as controlled sound effects. Your users will surely appreciate a specific personalization touch. Moreover, it’s not a good idea to ignore social functions, and stunning design is a must-have. To always stay up to date it’s critical to enable your platform’s regular updates.

So, break a leg!

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