A Short Guide to Obtaining Malta Citizenship by Investment

In order to obtain a citizenship by investment, individuals are required to invest in either government bonds or real estate. Malta is no exception. In the country, you can have a nationality in your hands if you make a real estate investment or contribute to government funds.

Investing to obtain a Maltese citizenship is quite popular in Europe. This is mainly due to the numerous benefits of holding this particular passport to investors. Not to forget the short time period in which you can easily become a citizen of Malta. Below are things to keep in mind to complete the Malta citizenship by investment process.

  • Eligibility criteria

If you want to be a part of the Mata citizenship by investment program, there are certain limitations.

  1. You must be 18 years or older.
  2. You should not have a criminal record.
  • Requirements

To hold a Maltese passport by way of investment, you must meet a couple of requirements first.

  1. Good health

If you are applying for the program, then you must be in top notch health. You will need to provide the authorities with proof of good health. Moreover, they will also check whether you have an international health insurance policy.

  1. Fit and proper test

A fit and proper test will include a thorough background check to ensure sound moral standing. Interpol and International Criminal Court will also be checked with.

  1. Biometric data

It is necessary for you to provide your biometrics data along with those of your dependents. This is a strict requirement set up by the Maltese government.

The process to become a Maltese citizen through investment is quite simple. Once completed, you will have untethered access to more than 184 countries. It is a deal of a lifetime.

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