Article 10: HVAC Repair – Guide for Household and Commercial Users

Whether you are a house owner looking for quick fixes to your HAVC System or a commerical user searching for right contractor to deal with huge HAVC repair, you’re in the same boat while seeking solutions to your problems. A brief yet edifying HVAC Repair Guide is here to address your concerns.

Though its highly preferred to have a regular maintenance mechanism in place to deal with day-to-day HVAC system’s challenges yet, sometimes, bearing repair cost becomes mandatory so much so that if repair doesn’t work, replacement has to be opted.

HAVC Repair, for both household and commercial users, deals with below three areas:

  1. Troubleshooting prior to Repair:

Rushing to call for HVAC repair at the slightest sign of your system’s inadequacy is not always recommended. Rather you must look for quick fixes yourself to get the system again back to action. These include checking the thermostat if it’s settings are altered, look if power is adequate for both thermostat and HVAC unit and is switched on for outer component with batteries requiring or not any replacement as well as air filters for any sort of clogging due to dirt and dust.

  1. HVAC Repair Cost

You need to have your calculations done prior to engaging any HVAC repair contractor. Dependent on the severity of issue with your HVAC system, the repair cost varies from case to case. For households, HVAC repair cost ranges from $150 to $450 with service call fee ranging from $50 to $150. In case of Commercial HVAC repair, the cost is on a higher end as per complexity of the issue and in case it’s 50-60% of new HVAC system, then replacement is recommended.

  1. Search for HAVC Repair / Replacement Contractor

Searching and selecting right HVAC repair /replacement contractor is very important. This must be done through a checklist to avoid any upheaval. For commercial and households, though the technician/ contractor requirements will vary to a greater extent but competency is conditional. Make sure your selected commercial contractor is licensed and insured, has expertise to serve at commercial scale and is offering a cost-effective as well as energy efficient solution to the problem.

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