Online marketing and its types

When you start a new business or are already owner of an existing business, you need to advertise it if you want people to know about it. Because you would get sales if people know about your business and trust your products or services. This means you have to do marketing. Check out this page for tips on how to boost your brand!

There are many methods of marketing of a business.

The three main types of marketing are online marketing, offline marketing and marketing by the word of mouth. Offline marketing is the traditional method and uses print media and television media for advertising purposes. Marketing through relationships can either be online or offline. If it is offline, it requires trust from your peers but if it is online, it can be through the use of social media.

Online or internet marketing is the use of digital channels to advertise the information about your product or services; so it is also called online digital marketing.

Types of online digital marketing:

There are nine types of digital marketing and they include the following:

  1. Search engine optimization:

It is the process in which the online visibility of your website is enhanced on free organic search engines when someone enters the keyword of your site in the search bar of these search engines. The higher the rank of your website in the search results, the more traffic you would be able to get on your site.

  1. Search engine marketing:

This type is different from search engine optimization in the sense that you have to pay to enhance the traffic on your website. This means you have to buy a slot for the marketing of your website on the search engine. This strategy is also used on social media platforms where the advertisement of business would show up in the news feed of your target population.

  1. Influencer marketing:

This type of marketing is very famous these days. You can hire a social media influencer who is popular on any social media platform like Instagram and pay them to promote your products or services. You can also let them to take over the social media account or page of your business for a particular amount of time and enhance your views and followers.

  1. Mobile phone advertising:

In this type of online marketing, you can use a mobile phone and send SMS to your target consumers to promote your business. You can inform your local customers of your discounts and special offers through SMS and give them updates about your new products or services.

  1. Social media marketing:

This is a common practice these days. You can make an account or page of your business on social media platforms and connect with your target customers more quickly. You would be able to understand their requirements and get feedback from them directly.

  1. Affiliate marketing:

In this type, you would have to pay other people called affiliates to market your business and bring customers to you. They would represent your business and give knowledge about it to other people.

  1. Content marketing:

You could use good quality content on online platforms like blogs or videos to advertise your business.

  1. Viral marketing:

When something different or trendy becomes famous and gets a lot of shares online, this means it goes viral. This type of marketing would quickly and largely increase the traffic on your website.

  1. Email marketing:

You could advertise your business website through emailing your consumers and giving them updates on your products or services.

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