What are some features a great CRM platform should have?

Reputable CRM solutions are designed to attract and create loyal customers and increase a company’s profits. Also, some witty tools and platforms will help to automate a series of internal processes, making the daunting and boring organizational tasks a true pleasure. Systems that feature powerful tools and configuration, like this CRM contact bpm’online company software come in great help for companies of all sizes, activating in various industries. However, below you will find some important features of these systems.



When it comes to platforms specifically designed to create your own CRM system, you want to make sure that you find flexible products, packed with a multitude of tools. You want a CRM platform that is developed on intelligent technology, yet that requires low coding knowledge. In terms of flexibility, you want to search for:

  • Simplicity;
  • Ease of integration;
  • Remote access;
  • Mobile access.

These features will help your employees to fructify the time spent both in their offices and in the field. A CRM platform that is not flexible enough to provide remote access for the sales team while they are out of the office will not provide the same levels of productivity as one that has a great remote configuration.

Easy to customize

Another feature that you want to search for in a CRM platform is the presence of a multitude of tools that will allow your teams to collaborate with ease, share documents and keep a close eye on the schedule. Search for systems that allow you to integrate:

  • A scheduling tool;
  • A document management tool;
  • Client management tool;
  • Campaign management tools;
  • Integrated analytics tools, etc.

The CRM platform should also allow the user to integrate those in the preferred order, so the system becomes effective and easy to use by all teams.

Increased security levels

Since a CRM system is storing sensitive data in terms of clients and collaborators, and in many cases in terms of business strategies, you want to make sure that you choose a system with increased security levels. The bpm’online system is not the only one with such features, Deltek and MetaTask being other two amazing options.

Out of the box processes

In terms of business process management, a great CRM tool should offer out-of-the-box processes for all users. Predefined templates with increased functionality levels for all departments, starting with the sales department, and continuing with the marketing and customer relations departments will allow those to increase their productivity levels and as a result, the profits registered by the company.

Integration features

Another element to pay attention to when selecting a CRM system is if it offers integration features. These are relevant because they have the capacity of empowering business managers and their teams. Some systems can be integrated in various other products:

  • Accounting systems;
  • Calendar tools;
  • Billing tools;
  • Core banking systems.

When choosing a product or a vendor, make sure that they can meet your needs and expectations in terms of automations and results.

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