Event Management

Event management is at times perceived as the event planners. But the role of the team of event management is even more crucial than theirs. Your clients may not see the event management team working at the front. But on the backend, they are the ones providing the utmost services and support for the event.

Event management involves the role of the project management team.  Managing and leading the events from the small scale ranging from sports events to Olympics, birthday parties to wedding events, from the concerts to award show event management is actively participating in all places.

Duties of Event Management Team

Carlo Parentela Le Jardin describes event management as one of the most versatile roles. The shows that we are enjoying in the venues that are fully decorated or on the TV are all the potential of the event management team.

●       Business and Organizational Management

Event management is exclusive of business management and organizational expertise. The event manager should have a sharp skillset to polish perceive the idea of the client, and then plan and execute accordingly.

●       Networking with Vendors

People performing the job of event management with relevant expertise should have a vast network. Networking with vendors can provide them with a furnished event that even surpasses the expectations of the client.

●       Decisive Role

Event management plays a very decisive yet timely role. Most of the approaches they tend to follow are based on the proactive implementation of the plan.

Budgeting and scheduling are all done proactively. However, the decision must be taken by them very wisely, and expenses should be managed efficiently in the need of an hour.

●       Expertise

The expertise possessed by the event management team should include

  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Associating
  • Budgeting
  • Creative skills
  • Evaluating
  • Decision making

Planning and Managing Events

The event managers play a very vital role from the start and to the end of any event. They do so by meeting their client in person. All of the budget and clients’ visions and demands are listed by the event manager. He then instructs his team to perform accordingly. Making them perform up to the client’s expectations.

Once the budget is allocated, the event manager starts performing his duties. All the advance payment and theme selection within the allocated budget is made at this point.

The event management team will be at the venue handling all the event details and also the grievances if arise.

The event management team tends to work in coordination with the public relations department of the organization along with the hospitality experts. They usually provide on-site services. However, if needed, they are willing to travel mostly to the client’s place.

Carlo Parentela Vaughan clearly described the difference between the roles of the event manager and the event planners.

Final Thoughts

Event managers are there for the client at every step in the entire time of the event and even before and after. The event management team will be in constant contact with the client so that the event should be beyond expectations and worthwhile at the end.

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