Four Warehouse Layout Mistakes to Avoid

A well-planned warehouse layout will make the most of the space, helping to provide extra room for more products. The clear layout will also make it easier for employees to stay focused and productive – but on the other hand, a poorly planned warehouse is more likely to encounter problems, including no space for new products and potential employee injuries.

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If you want to make sure that your warehouse is productive and safe, here are four warehouse layout mistakes to avoid.

Failure to segment the space

It is important to make sure that your warehouse is segmented so that roles are clearly defined. Matching locations to functions allows warehouse employees to function much more efficiently, which is especially useful in a fast-paced warehouse.

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Failure to properly map processes

If you use CAD software to create products and processes, it can be useful to map out the process before you use the software. This is because all of your racks, conveyors, shelving, picking equipment and employees will be using the process, so you should create a solid plan that fits in with the layout of your warehouse.

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It can also be useful to think about how processes may change over the next few years. For instance, you may be planning to expand the warehouse, or maybe you want to use more technology to improve efficiency. Either way it can be worth thinking of this when you map processes, as this means that they are more likely to be adaptable to your future goals.

Failure to provide enough receiving space

If you don’t have enough receiving space for new packages and products, your warehouse will quickly become inefficient and messy. For this reason it is essential to make sure that you have a large receiving area that is prepared for large deliveries.

Failure to set up bin locations

You should also make sure that you set up adequate bin locations along employee plan paths, as this will make it much easier for pickers to remove clutter and rubbish. This can be difficult if there are not enough bins, or if the bins are very spread out, as it means that the picker can’t dispose of rubbish easily and efficiently, which can slow the whole warehouse down.


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