Important Points To Note About Foundation Repairs in Winnipeg

For the average homeowner, foundation repair are words that easily raise feelings of terror, concern or alarm. The images of backhoes and excavators ripping off the carefully cultivated landscaping and gardens or the thought of their home collapsing, especially at the corners, can cause great worry. Cracked walls and leaky basements will always require work involving foundation repair. However, foundation specialists in Winnipeg should ideally undertake this job.

Foundation Cracks

If you examine the exterior of your home closely, you will find more cracks in the walls than you would ever imagine. However, the cracks appearing on foundation walls are quite common. When the weather becomes extremely cold, it easily leads to the cracking of the foundation even in homes that are built to remain structurally sound. The frozen groundwater exerts an intense amount of pressure on the foundation and the freeze-thaw cycles that occur during such periods make foundation cracking an inevitable occurrence; it really does not matter whether your home is 6 months old or several decades old.

Simply because you have spotted cracks on your walls does not necessarily imply that you will incur costly foundation repairs to rectify the problem. To be on the safe side, consider hiring any of the reputable foundation specialists in Winnipeg to examine the affected areas and discern the types of cracks, the main cause, and the most effective corrective action. In most instances, the professionals might recommend simple concrete repairs in Winnipeg as a way of resolving the issue.

Cracking of the Foundation Is Avoidable

By keeping tree roots and water runoff a safe distance from the walls of your home, you can effectively prevent the possibility of wall cracks. Here are some important factors you might want to consider.

Does your home have a sufficient slope? You can prevent pooling of water around your home by ensuring the sloping gradient is half a foot within a 12-foot circumference. Consider checking that the ground level of your home slopes away from your walls.

Are the shrubs and trees close to your home? If you realize that tree branches touch your roof, then there is a high possibility that the roots of the trees touch the foundation. This should be a matter of grave concern, and as such, you must address the issue immediately by removing these trees.

Neglecting Foundation Repairs Can Prove To Be Dangerous And Destructive

What can you do about your leaky basement?

Should you decide to put off the seemingly minor foundation repairs, then you will be taking an unnecessary risk because of the potential problems that might occur. The small cracks on your walls could transform into huge crevices and when the pressure being exerted on your basement happens to find a point of release, you will have a leaky basement in no time, or worse still, a collapsing foundation.

If you suddenly realize that your basement is leaky, you can call for help, as the job involves concrete repairs in Winnipeg. Stagnant water and mould are hazardous to your health and that of your family, not to mention the long-term damage the situation causes to your house. If you want the issue resolved promptly, call foundation specialists in Winnipeg to work their magic.

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