Is It Time for These Restaurant Trends to End?

Love them or hate them, restaurant trends today are forever present. Trends are begun as gimmicks to attract interest on social media and ultimately to increase footfall to a restaurant’s dining room. However, it’s always the customer who bears the brunt of putting up with that month’s latest fad. Here we look at some of the worst offenders and ask whether it’s time for these restaurant trends to end.

According to the Huffington Post, one of the trends which most annoys diners is having their plates cleared before they have finished eating. It’s simply obvious to us when service staff have been instructed to hurry us along to ensure another cover may be seated, but what other trends only serve to irritate?

Alternative Dinnerware

There is a reason why we have been using plates and bowls for centuries. It is because they are practical, convenient and fit for purpose. New-fangled concepts involving chicken wings served in small shopping trolleys and miniature desserts in tiny test tubes leave something to be desired. In this case the thing to be desired is a plate.

No Reservations

The growing trend for restaurants to refuse to accept reservations is enough to drive anyone who works later than 5pm to distraction. Gaining access to that newly opened place near work is completely impossible when you don’t leave the office until 7pm.

Too Cold

A particular bugbear in summer can be places which go over the top with the air-con. Of course, nobody wants to be sweating while they eat their spicy masala, but sitting with an icy breeze which feels like someone left the door to commercial cold rooms from is absolutely no fun at all.

Expensive Items on Toast

Avocados and mushrooms are absolutely amazing foodstuffs, particularly when paired with some slow-roasted tomatoes on a delicious thick slice of fresh granary toast. However, the price tag for avocado on toast now seems to be hovering between the £8 and £12 mark. Restaurants, please do us a favour and admit that avocados are not that expensive! Please price your dishes fairly or we will stop coming back. (Even if you do serve them up to us on a grand wooden chopping board rather than a standard plate. In fact, especially if you do that).

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