Promotional Merchandise is Not Only for Boosting Your Business  

The primary reason why business owners use promotional merchandise is that they want to promote their brand. When people use these products, it helps increase visibility. For instance, if you hand out an umbrella, it might have the logo of your company on it. As the recipient opens the umbrella and walks to different places, other people could see your company name. It serves as a reminder to them to consider buying what you have to offer.

There are also other creative ways to distribute free merchandise. You can launch an online competition where the winner receives a special prize. You can set up a booth during trade shows where interested individuals who ask questions may also receive free stuff.

When you decide to hand out these free items, the first thing you think about is how you can boost your company’s popularity. You might even come up with designs that can emphasise your company even further. For instance, if you chose quick t-shirt printing, you want a shirt design that reflects your brand. You also want the company name to be visible enough.

Try to pause and rethink your motivation for handing out these shirts. Yes, you could use them for promotion, but it does not have to be the primary goal.

Show appreciation

You can give the merchandise as a way of saying thank you to those who have remained loyal to you over the years. You want them to realise that for once, you are giving something to them without asking them to pay. They will appreciate your effort and will remain loyal in return.

A nostalgic feeling

Some people grew up during a time when promotional merchandise was popular. Today, advertising usually happens online. Bringing to life promotional items will be nostalgic for many people. They will think back to the days when companies exerted effort to reach ordinary people instead of riding on a free advertising platform online. Since giving away free shirts does not happen often, many people will appreciate it.

Giving back

Your company stays afloat because of the people who decided to keep buying what you offer. Without them, your company might not exist anymore. You want to give back to those who have been with you during the entire journey. As you think back to how you started your business several years ago, you can only feel grateful for how far you have come. Giving free shirts will not even begin to cover how customers have helped you through the years.

Feel good about your business

For most entrepreneurs, the true measure of success is how much they earned and how big their business became. You started the business with this goal in mind. Along the way, you might realise that it is not always about money. It is also about what your business can do to help others. Giving something for free makes you feel good about the company you created and inspires you to find other ways to be of help.

Forget that you are handing out free stuff for advertising. Focus on other reasons that also matter.

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