The benefits of a variety of coating finishes

Established in 1981, Power Coat Services (PCS) began as a custom powder coating service for clients in California. Since our first days, our business has grown, providing a wide range of finishes for the Western United States. We work with a large number of customers, including manufacturers of automotive parts and equipment, sporting goods, and agricultural industry equipment, just to name a few. Our company is dedicated to producing durable, attractive finishes with an attention to detail that helps us stand out from the competition. Here is a look at the finishes we excel in.

Powder Coating Services by PCS

Powder coating is a popular finish choice across industries, particularly on parts and equipment that is expected to withstand harsh use and environmental conditions. This finish type is unlike wet painting methods, using a dry powdered pigment and heat to form a durable, corrosion-resistant coating. Powder coating is typically used on metallic objects, but can be applied to any number of parts. This finishing method is ideal for parts that may be difficult to coat with traditional paint, such as irregularly-shaped items or those that have complex contours and crevices. The powder coats all surfaces evenly.

The powders used by PCS come in several types. Polyester-based powders are commonly used on outdoor equipment or on products will be exposed to sun, heat, and moisture. This can include agricultural equipment, patio furniture, and aftermarket automotive parts. Epoxy-based powders are often used when parts are subjected to exposure to oils, solvents, and chemicals. Epoxy powders deliver superior corrosion resistance. There are also powders that blend both polyester and epoxy resins. Referred to as hybridized powders, these provide attractive finishes that can withstand the test of time. PCS custom formulates powders in our in-house lab, then tests those finishes rigorously to ensure lasting performance.

Powder coated finishes can be had in a stunning array of colors, glosses, and textures. While black – usually a semi-gloss — is the most common finish color, particularly for industrial equipment, we can match specific colors, such as unique trade dress, using our experience in custom formulation. From mild to wild, our powder coated finishes look great and perform beyond expectations.

EPD/Electrocoating by PCS

Electrophoretic deposition, or EPD, is another quality finish services PCS provides to its customers. Sometimes referred to as “e-coating” or “electro-coating”, this finish is applied wet much like traditional painted finishes. The difference is in the liquid solution and the use of an electric charge to attract pigment particles to the item being coated.

The liquid solution of EPD consists of pigments, epoxy resins, and water-based carriers. The items that are being coated are given an electric charge, then dipped into the liquid pigment bath. The electric charge helps the pigment particles adhere to every surface, even those that are complex or irregularly-shaped. The result is a thick, even coating that can mask any imperfections in the items being coated. It is also characterized by a durability designed for years of hard use.

Just like powder coating, the experts at PCS can match specific colors, coating thicknesses, and overall performance. EPD finishes are available in a rainbow of colors and glosses. This finishing method is often used to give substrate metals the look of a more expensive metal type, such as coating aluminum items to give them the appearance of stainless steel, brass, or even chrome. Regardless of application, PCS delivers quality finishes – we are an industry leader and have been trusted by customers throughout the Western United States.

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