Tips on How to Apply Business Mapping in Small Business

A successful small business does not happen overnight. A dedicated business owner will devote hours of time and precious capital to achieve stable operations. One cannot rely on management skills alone. There are invaluable tools that can be applied to get the end results you are looking for.

One concept that has become popular over the years is process mapping. This refers to the activities involved in defining what an entity does, who is responsible for which task, the standards that should be met, and how the success of each business process can be determined. Process mapping may seem like it is only applicable for large organisations, but, there are great benefits to applying a business process in a small business scenario.

Tips to Apply Process Mapping in your Start-up Business

If you are overwhelmed by the possible complexity of applying a business process, you don’t have to worry. Process mapping is not as complicated as you think. To apply process mapping in your company, here are some tips:

  • Keep it simple. Create process maps that are uncomplicated and basic. Focus on the important aspects of each process and use this to outline the map.
  • Make a draft. You can draft your map on paper or whiteboard first. This will allow you to look at the bigger picture and make the necessary adjustments before finalising the map.
  • Define objectives and goals. Be specific in the objectives and the goals you wish to achieve with each process map.
  • Focus on the most valuable process maps. Think about the processes that offer the most value to you and your clients. Focus on these first and then work on less important processes.
  • Think about who is involved in each process. Seek the help of your team or employees so that they can express their ideas and input. When employees are involved in the planning, they are more likely to adhere to the process once it has been implemented.

When you have finalised your process maps, be sure to maximise the use of these processes. Processes that are relevant to the job description of each employee should be properly disseminated. If possible, train your employees on how to read and use these process maps. You can choose among many available process mapping software solutions available online such as

As a small business, you will have to overcome a number of hurdles before you can stabilise your business operation. Chances are, you will experience a lot of discouragements along the way. But with the use of process maps, you can overcome these hurdles and improve the management of your company. You can easily identify the problems and loopholes in each process and find ways to fix them. You will be able to eliminate micro-managing and have confidence that your employees are equipped with the right tools necessary to perform better at their jobs.


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