What Are the Best Promotional Gifts?

If you and your marketing team have been brainstorming to come up with novel ideas for corporate or promotional gifts, here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

Corporate gifts printed with a logo or an advertising message are almost always at the top of the marketing mix of a company. Distributed in fairs, events or directly at the point of sale, they serve to immediately acquire new customers.

As a gesture of appreciation, high-quality gifts are also very often given to existing loyal customers, suppliers and loyal employees for many years. It does not matter which occasion you choose – printed corporate gifts generate a lot of visual contact with the brand and thus have a high advertising impact.

Frequent use, and for a long time, by the recipient is increased by factors such as “high functionality”, “attractive design” and “high quality”. Choosing the right personalised corporate gifts for the marketing of your products or services will not only attract attention but also remain positively in the memory of recipients.

The number one choice

A study by the Promotional Products Industry Association has shown that corporate gifts reach 88% of the population over 14 years old – more than any other means! Through daily use, the opportunity for contact with advertising is increased.

A total of 84% of the owners of corporate items use them at least once a day. In times of wasteful use of consumer products, sustainability in companies plays an increasingly important role. This is also perfectly covered with business gifts. They are often used by the receiver for more than two years and therefore have an advertising effect for a long time.

Especially in demand are the giveaways (pens, key rings, etc.) which are accepted in all the target groups due to their simplicity. Especially small companies, whose advertising budget is usually quite low, benefit from the strong price/performance ratio of this option. This also explains why corporate gifts are the most-used means of communication by companies, with a share of 47%.

Positive advertising effect of corporate gifts

But how can they contribute to the success of a company? First, you have to analyse the recipient accurately. When and why do they use the items? How have they received them – as an advertising gift or gift for employees, or in the form of personalised mail such as folding cards and calendars?

Each business gift has its individual characteristics and thus finds its way to individual target groups. But one thing can be said with certainty – the concrete use makes it very successful. The ease of use of a pen in combination with high quality not only makes it the best friend of students but also of the housewives who write their shopping list with it.

Repeated use creates a sustainable advertising effect. They can also ensure a positive corporate image, as they help in difficult situations, such as in the morning when you need to scratch the ice of the car.

A particularly good impression with personalized business gifts can be created after a business meeting, for example, a thermal jug with an engraving or a photo album with pictures of the business trip together. Especially the combination of four characteristics of the article, such as sympathy (personal relevance, used with taste), quality, originality (exceptional, striking) and the impression of striking advertising, doubles the publicity more than any other means.


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