Equipment leasing software: manage equipment of all forms

Equipment leasing software is the number one solution for managing equipment leasing operations throughout your company, from the front office to the back office. It brings automated, sustainable compliance for a diverse range of lease products: office equipment, heavy equipment, IT equipment, farm equipment, etc. and empowers lessors of all sizes. What are the main features of the end-to-end equipment leasing software you need to know?

Lease equipment of any type easily: from office equipment to heavy equipment

With equipment leasing software, any type of new or used equipment, from office or restaurant equipment-to trucks-to heavy machinery is leased and managed easily and efficiently. The entire leasing process — from the lease quote through the entire contract to reporting, using the system could be completed more quickly because of the built-in functionalities that automates basically every step of the way.

Customers appreciate the ability to lease any kind of products from the office equipment to heavy equipment online, without going to the lessor’s office and signing many papers. Soft4leasing works with the major eSignature service provider —DocuSign, and if your company needs it, we could provide this possibility to sign all the agreements online. It will take only an integration with equipment leasing software to ensure the ability for client to submit his application virtually. Automated system then runs Decision Tree logic, which immediately gives one of three results: auto-approved, auto-declined, referred to credit officer. Your employees save their time and client is completely happy because of the quick response.

Data integrity reduces risk and drives down costs

All-in-one equipment leasing software for your business provides the ability to keep everything what is happening in your company in a one place. Data integrity reduces risk of mistakes made because of the human nature and drives down costs by decreasing the amount of administrative work your employees have.

Firstly, the system allows you to keep track of each leased unit: list it on the lease application, identify with it with a unique ID, and set the attributes of the asset. Secondly, you can review and schedule all work orders: create service orders related to leased asset, order services, and keep track of actual service cost and price. Thirdly, throughout the lease process you can configure document templates and map to data in the system, upload signed contracts, supporting documents. Trust equipment leasing software and its data integrity feature to save time and increase efficiency of your work.

Improved customer service brings clients’ trust

Automated equipment leasing software makes you able to interact with customers at every stage of their lease quickly and intuitively.

Using system, customer service specialists always have access to the right information and see everything related to particular lease in one place. Your front office will be able to provide quick quotations for a customer over the telephone using pre-set conditions and the user-friendly self-explanatory system interface.

Applicants’ data, such as information about employment, incomes, expenditures, financial commitments of an individual applicant is stored in the Asset and Liability Statement module and gives insights for each customer service specialist that he could immediately provide all the necessary information to the client.

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