How Design Agencies Create Powerful Logos

Advertising has developed a lot over the decades, but the trajectory clearly follows one pattern: messaging shrinks. If you look at ads from the early 20th century, you’ll see paragraphs explaining why the product is worth your hard-earned money. Then, the text was gradually reduced, until finally words were replaced by images altogether. Think of the Nike swoosh.

If you want to tap the horsepower of a strong company logo you’re going to need the help of a design agency. Here are the ways they can create a standout logo for your company.

Full Access to Top Talent

When you engage a design agency for help in your branding or advertising, you should look for a creative team that you trust will be with you every step of the way. The benefits of working with a more boutique agency would be more direct access and communication with designers. Essentially, it’s like having your own in-house design team.

You won’t be dealing with bureaucratic middlemen, but the designers and creative talent themselves. There won’t be just a set number of meetings, but constant dialogue throughout the process. This gives the design studio time to absorb your brand, and to translate it into visual language that evokes the spirit of your company.

Knowledge Is Power

A large part of the design process is actually about researching the brand, its audience, and your competitors. The logo can’t just be something that looks good, it needs to stake out your claim on the market, and this means it needs to represent your company in a way that is distinct.

The best modern logos are usually not overly complicated or too busy. Just like print advertising gradually used fewer and fewer words, when it comes to images, they became gradually simpler, or less intricate. The movement is always towards minimalism.

The colour you choose is very important, as this may be what stands out the most. But a lot of research is required when it comes to both selecting a colour and establishing a design language that will embody your company for years to come.

Real Experience in a Digital World

The advertising industry has evolved a lot over the decades, but the internet has only accelerated its pace of change. Creating a truly great logo takes a lot of hard work, though there’s more that needs to be done to get the full mileage out of it in the digital landscape.

It’s important to work with a design studio that has experience in both print and digital services. After the logo is created, it needs to be amplified to get the public’s full attention. They will pick the most appropriate channels that make sense for your business.

Many people today describe being inundated with non-stop news cycles and social media platforms vying for their attention: it’s in this context that a logo must stand out. It has to be simple, yet memorable. While ads of a previous generation had space to write out actual paragraphs, the challenge of modern advertising is saying so much with a simple image. Speak to your local design agency today to get expert help from the real practitioners of this art.

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