Maltese Companies Registration –Things to Know Before Owning a Company in Malta 

Malta is not an offshore zone now, but it is still among the EU member countries, offering the lowest tax rates. As a foreign investor, you want to benefit from its tax regime accepted by the European Union as well. To do so, you would first need to look for professional assistance to form and register a company in Malta.

Once you have planned to move your business to this island, contact the Registry of Companies at Malta Financial Service Authority. It is an organization responsible for Maltese companies registration where you can register your business, whether it is a limited liability company with a partnership or a small trading corporation that you intend to operate as a sole trader.

Let’s look at what you will need when setting up and registering a company in Malta.

Required Documentation

You will have to submit a Memorandum, carrying everything from the name of the company to address to details of the shareholders and directors with the Articles of Association. It will summarize the way your company will be able to operate.

Company Name 

Registering a business in Malta requires you to come up with its name, different than the title of an existing company on the island. The name should not indicate anything unwelcoming or unpleasant since it can lead to the refusal of registration by the Registrar of Companies. 


Forming a company needs to have adequate knowledge of the required capital for the process. Since you can either set up a public or private company, the amount of required investment will vary according to the type of company you want to set up.

Registered Office

Your company will also need a registered office and the minimum number of directors and shareholders, depending on the type of company you choose to form.

Audited Accounts

After you have set up a business in Malta, expect to have your account audited annually. You will also be filing an annual return with the Registrar of the company.


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