Microsoft Dynamics property management software – 5 pros for adopting it

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In property management, profits and better business is always linked with optimization, as well as streamlining. Your team can’t be stuck doing minuscule tasks for too long or get hung up on bureaucratic duties. The job that needs doing is focused on making properties and units more attractive to tenants and keeping tabs on things like maintenance, contracts, etc. Well, with Microsoft Dynamics property management software, keeping tabs on those things becomes a lot easier. Here are 5 pros for the adoption of Microsoft Dynamics management software for properties!

No.1 – Microsoft Dynamics property management software is flexible

A lot of the time, businesses struggle to find the necessary versatility and adaptability in the software solutions they seek to adopt. That’s not the case with Microsoft Dynamics. It’s a platform that has been developed and still is for nearly 30 years. With continuous updating and domestic market adaptation, lots of developers can offer Microsoft Dynamics property management software that’s more adapted and more suited to your business than probably, any other software.

During your use, you can add in new users, modules, edit things and truly make the tool your own.

No.2 – Proper delegation of tasks

There might be instances where a team of managers is trying to handle a project or manage a building. Microsoft Dynamics NAV-based tools are good for delegation because you can easily add in new users with limited or unlimited access to information. Hence, a single manager or a group, team, whole department of people can log in and see the necessary info in order to do their job. With that kind of functionality, property management software definitely makes it more efficient in terms of delegation.

No.3 – Avoid legal nuisances

With renewing contracts, changes of tenants, expansions, etc. there are a lot of contracts to outline and prepare. Luckily Microsoft Dynamics software for real estate management has templates that you can use for legal documentation. Draft contracts quickly, sign them digitally, add notes or export to upload in the intranet. This helps avoid any kind of trouble, related to legal documents.

No.4 – Access at any time, any place

There are times where real estate management calls for mobility and flexibility. Some decisions or info updates might not come at a time when your manager is in their office. For example, an issue or new lead might need to be resolved right away, but the responsible people are away at a meeting or working from home. No problem, since cloud-based MS Dynamics tools can be accessed remotely. Solve issues or just monitor data wherever you are.

No.5 – Self-service for tenants

In the old days, you might’ve had to hand in invoices and bills to the tenants directly. Mailing them takes a long time which is why Microsoft Dynamics property management software like SOFT4RealEstate can be integrated with a dedicated self-service portal. Each tenant gets a log-in and the manager can simply one-click to send out notices, bills, sign documents, etc. This makes communication between the two parties a lot smoother.

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