Preventive Maintenance Tips for Forklifts and Pallet Racking in Sherbrooke

Preventive Maintenance Tips for Forklifts and Pallet Racking

If you run a warehouse, forklift downtime can cost you a lot of money, not least due to the
high bills for forklift repair in Drummondville. But, by following effective material handling and safety procedures, you can save time, reduce costs and raise your profits. Similarly, maintaining good safety practices can reduce the cost of accidents and help you to make more effective use of your pallet racking facility.

Here are some tips for maintaining your forklifts and pallet racking in Sherbrooke.

Tips for Reducing Forklift Repair in Drummondville

Implement a Detailed Preventive Maintenance Plan

Preventive maintenance has one of the highest returns on investment among all other warehouse maintenance operations. To succeed with preventive maintenance, you have to work with a timed maintenance schedule, rather than wait till parts breakdown before you get them fixed. With this, you will minimize downtime, reduce the number of man-hours spent on repairs and also prolong the lifetime of your forklift.

To execute an effective preventive maintenance schedule, you need to know certain details about the trucks, including the age of the truck, the frequency of use, the service records and expected lifetime of the truck. After you have these details, you can implement a preventive maintenance plan, which will include:

* Checking oils and other fluids to keep the engine healthy and ensure the machine runs smoothly.
* Keeping the tires in excellent working condition and replacing them as soon as needed to reduce fuel costs and avoid accidents that happen when there is poor traction.
* Keeping the forks in top shape because faults involving forks can lead to expensive forklift repair in Drummondville and faulty forks can cause serious damage to the goods stored and the pallet racking system
* Checking the battery to ensure that there is no downtime or problems, such as acid damage.

Train Forklift Operators to Do Basic Maintenance

Ensure that your staff know how to carry out maintenance tasks. Your forklift operators can use a checklist that includes the following items:

* Monitor fluid levels
* Inform managers or supervisors about any physical damage
* Look at the tires and check their pressure
* Ensure that forks are functioning properly
* Clean the operator’s compartment
* Ensure that finger guards, seat belt and all safety features are functioning
* Check the gas tank, propane tank and battery and ensure all fuel levels are adequate.

Maintain Pallet Rack Safety

Due to the huge amount of weight placed on pallet racking in Sherbrooke and the height where the pallets are stored, rack safety is very important. Start by conducting periodic safety checks to ensure that the shelving is safe for use. Check for any damages that can weaken the structure and make a report for immediate action. Remember that forklift collisions occur quite often and they can cause the upright frames to shift position and reduce their strength. Safety checks should also include looking for corroded or rusted parts that can weaken the steel.

Those are some of the preventive maintenance steps you can take to reduce pallet rack and forklift repair in Drummondville. For more ideas and tips on how to improve safety and reduce costs in your warehouse operations, consult a material handling expert.

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