The Growing Global Success Of Cryptocurrency ATMs Simplifying Trader Exchanges

Cryptocurrency ATMs are popping up around the globe. The tally was six thousand towards the end of 2019, a nearly 50 percent increase from the previous headcount; at the start of the year. At the beginning of Fall (September) 2019, Ripple Xpring, a big-time technology platform investor, bought capital stakes in Coinme. The Coinme network is a leading bitcoin ATM provider. Amid the rise of cryptocurrency ATMs and this substantial investment, the IRS is working assiduously; to expose operators suspected of evading taxes.

Crypto ATM Invasion: Simplifying Trader Coin Exchange

These technologies are a growing trend in leading crypto markets; the US, the United Kingdom (UK), and Canada. As a monopoly, the US alone owns some four thousand cryptocurrency ATMs, which is over 50 percent market share. Of the lot, Los Angeles has the most crypto ATMs, with Chicago progressively expanding its network, followed by Atlanta. Meanwhile, Canada and the United Kingdom are amassing a vast collection as well. This history-making technology boasts some cutting-edge features and capabilities geared towards empowering cryptocurrency entrepreneurs.

Top Players Of Crypto ATM Markets Growing

Bitquick, a prominent Boost venture capitalist, is a leading crypto ATM software vendor. Today, its peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange platform powers just over one hundred thousand sites worldwide. Bitnovo is another strong competitor, offering cryptocurrency buy/sell solutions across some eight thousand sites. The Spanish crypto trader has successfully processed over six hundred thousand transactions based on the latest statistics report. Flexepin in Canada and Australia, Ibox, and 24nonstop are top ATM crypto market players as well.

As far as crypto ATM technology manufacturing goes, Genesis Coin and General Bytes are leading, with over 60 percent controlling power. Other top manufacturers include Coinsource, Bitaccess, and Lamassu. With the cryptocurrency industry booming, it’s fast-becoming a regulated market as regulators are tightening up on policies and compliance.

The Fast Rise Of CoinFlip, Cryptocurrency Exchanger Gets A Stake Job Market?

Among top trending newcomers on the ATM crypto scene is CoinFlip. The top-rated cash-to-crypto ATM startup launched its exchange project in 2014. Its intuitive ATMs allow traders to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies conveniently. In recent years, it’s distinguished itself as an attractive workplace by empowering under 25 non-college graduates. It’s found itself a niche in the American market job, helping second-chance Millenials to reinvent themselves.

With a blue-collar workforce as a source of inspiration and the engine behind its success, CoinFlip remains a self-funded project. Quite the minimalist approach to making the crypto exchange process painless, its platform takes simplicity to a new level. It’s the quickest way to escape the time-intensive onboarding process experienced elsewhere. What is more, CoinFlip offers a variety of currency options, including BTC, TRX, DASH, LTC, KMD, and ETH. Also, it has some of the lowest crypto ATM fees compared to the competition. It has over 150 network locations nationwide. In just five years, CoinFlip has catapulted to the top as a leading US crypto ATM operator. What is also impressive is how it is expanding its footprint across the country.

Meet CoinFlip CEO

CoinFlip CEO and Founder Daniel Polotsky was a sophomore studying at Northwestern University when he launched the project. He’s since landed positions at top investment banking institutions, including Morgan Stanley, Citadel, R.J. O’Brien, and the ride-hailing giant Uber. Now a successful entrepreneur and model executive, Polotsky spends a significant part of his days running CoinFlip. An exemplary industry leader and compliance conformist, he runs a transparent business operation.

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