Why is Microwave Oven Important for Your Kitchen?

Microwave oven also is known as microwave has gained a reputation as one of the ‘Key Kitchen Tools’. Whether it’s your home’s kitchen or an office pantry, or convenience stores microwave ovens have been heating and defrosting frozen foods and leftover meals over a decade now. These innovative machines work on simple principal and still are very amazing. The aim is to make your hectic and busy life more easy & convenient.  But does microwave are manufactured for heating, defrosting and unfreezing food? Let’s take a look at the discussion below to know about more features and advantages of a microwave oven.

How Is Food heated in Microwave Oven?

The heating process in the microwave is anticipated with the help of electromagnetic radiations or micro wavelength radiations. These radiations then penetrate into food molecules, emitting electromagnetic energy. This emitted energy rotates the food molecules over a million of times and this rotation is known as ‘Polarity Rotation’. The polarity rotation of food molecules generates heat which heats up the food. This is how every microwave works and serves you a warm food anytime within seconds.

Can I Cook & Bake Food in MY Microwave Oven?

In the beginning, when microwaves were first introduced, people only use it for heating their freeze or cold food. But microwaves can be used for other purposes. Yes, these can be you little ovens to bake and cook different foods and meals. There is a number of things that you can make within your microwave. This feature makes microwave ovens best option for bachelors and students.  If you are craving for ‘Mac & Cheese’ in midnight then you can get a cup of yummy mac & cheese with 3-5 minutes in your oven. You can also bake your lasagna in microwave ovens. There is a number of recipes over the internet which you can make in the microwave oven.

Some Facts & Myths about Microwaves

Many people think that microwave ovens are not very safe & healthy to use. Because the radiations emitted from microwave causes cancer and destroys the nutrients of your food. But this is not true. As the waves produce within microwave have short wavelengths and it is just similar to a bright light emitted by a tube-light or bulb. Secondly, microwaves are listed for top cooking methods to cook nutrient enriched food.

But you need to avoid somethings also such as boiling water in a cup. Why? Because overheating anything in the oven could be explosive. Otherwise, it is safe, easy, simple and convenient to use a microwave. Want to purchase energy efficient and stylish microwave ovens? What are you really waiting for?

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