Surveying Companies in Calgary

If the project you are planning or working on requires any kind of mapping, survey or geomatics, there are renowned surveying companies that are capable of helping. Whether you are working at a well site, oil and gas, construction or topographical company, the experts at the surveying companies have the right skills, experience and modern equipment to get the mapping or survey job perfectly done. These companies have dedicated teams of professionals that can successfully execute any surveying or mapping project.

Surveying Companies in Calgary
whether you are in the municipal, oil and gas or construction sector in Calgary, you will find renowned surveying companies that can provide you with multi-disciplinary geomatics, mapping and survey services. Their aim is always to offer very innovative and professional services that will meet your precise needs. Whether you are looking for experts in aerial mapping or simply need a quality boundary survey in Calgary, these surveying companies can help. They offer:

1. Boundary Surveys
If you are looking for professional surveyors that can offer you a quality boundary survey in Calgary, these surveying companies can help. Their surveys are particularly useful for establishing, as well as re-establishing boundaries, exploration, and updating cadastral data, among other geo-informational applications. These experts usually use state-of-the-art equipment to conduct boundary surveys that may be used in:

a) Land claims
b) GIS asset management
c) Subdivisions
d) Land titles sketches
e) Real property
f) Legal parcel descriptions
g) Water and resource allocation
h) Utility and access easements
i) Among other applications

2. Aerial Mapping
Aerial maps in Calgary are detailed maps that are obtained by flying over a specific area to generate a highly accurate Digital Elevation Model. The maps provide real-world data, especially for those projects that require the precise topography of an area. Aerial mapping is also a very important planning tool in different sectors, including mining, construction, utilities, government, oil and gas exploration, land development and municipal planning, among others. To keep the costs down and achieve greater accuracy, these professionals usually deploy unmanned aerial vehicles.

3. Typographic Surveys
The seasoned surveyors at these companies also conduct topographic surveys for different applications. These kinds of surveys are particularly useful for identifying, as well as mapping surface contours, buried utilities and existing surface features. After conducting the topographic survey, these experts are able to produce a printed or digital topographic map that shows contour lines and benchmarks that relay both the elevation and the surface area data.

4. Land Development Surveys
The surveying companies have also specialized in land development surveys, where they survey the land at the site location before the commencement of large-scale commercial projects, condominium developments and even subdivisions. The state-of-the-art tools and proprietary software implemented by these companies enable them to provide their clients with unmatched accuracy and precision in their surveys.

The surveying companies have a dedicated team of Information Technology and knowledgeable software specialists that are always developing more advanced products that may be used by either their staff or clients. Their aim is to always offer innovative and professional services to all of their clients. Whether you need experts in producing aerial maps or seasoned surveyors that can offer you the best boundary survey in Calgary, these surveying companies can help.

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