What Commercial Duct Cleaning and Exhaust Cleaning Entails

Both commercial duct cleaning and Calgary exhaust cleaning are services provided by HVAC companies and technicians. However, no two companies offer the same quality of service. Consequently, you should compare the service offerings from the commercial HVAC companies near you, as this makes it easier for you to identify a suitable service provider that can work on your systems and deliver in a timely fashion.

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Do you wish to have a fresh, allergy-free workplace? Have you suddenly noticed that your employees are sneezing, wheezing, or coughing a lot throughout the day? Can you spot any visible signs of mould growth on the HVAC systems, or insects and rodents covered in debris and dust, scurrying about the work environment? If yes, then the air ducts are the culprits. If you would like to have cleaner air, improved HVAC system performance, and lower utility bills, then you should immediately contact the Calgary commercial duct cleaning companies to offer the relevant services. Through commercial air duct cleaning services, harmful contaminants are gotten rid of from the workplace using highly specialized techniques and high-tech equipment.

The accumulation of dust, debris, and other allergens expose your employees to hazardous situations and health complications. Over time, the airborne contaminants cause the air ducts to become breeding grounds for bacteria, mould spores, fungus, microbes, and mildew. When these are recirculated continuously through the workplace, your employees’ health and comfort is jeopardized. Thankfully, you can put in a service request with a local HVAC company to carry out commercial duct cleaning at your business establishment. The highly trained technicians perform the following:

• Examine the air duct systems and the HVAC unit.
• Discuss with you the necessary and appropriate cleaning requirements.
• Offer estimates and clear-cut prices.
• Use brushes and air whips to thoroughly clean out the ductwork, cooling coils, air handler, and plenum.
• Pull the pollutants from the air duct systems into a filtration system.

If you are not satisfied with the level of service provided by a renowned local HVAC company, they should offer to do the following:

• Re-clean the air duct and HVAC systems to your complete satisfaction.
• Repair any damages they may have caused at their expense.
• Refund you in full for any incomplete services.

Calgary Exhaust Cleaning

Professional exhaust cleaning services are yet another service you may request from HVAC companies and technicians. The service is critical, as it protects your customers, kitchen staff, and rooftop from the numerous dangers of grease. If you wish to keep your kitchen exhaust sparkling clean in a hassle-free way, you can simply call in a reputable commercial HVAC company to do the job efficiently.

HVAC technicians understand the essence of a well-maintained and properly cleaned kitchen exhaust system. The clean, grease-free, and fire-safe exhaust systems safeguard restaurants from catastrophic damage caused by kitchen fires. Regular Calgary exhaust cleaning  and maintenance of the system creates a safe and secure cooking environment. When the kitchen exhaust system is running at peak performance, you can rest assured knowing your employees are working in a clean and safe environment. As a result, the staff will enjoy a cooler work environment, which automatically leads to increased productivity.

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