How to identify a phishing site?

Numerous online accounts fall into the phishing trap every day, and hackers became smarter and have devised numerous methods to gather accounts and steal personal data. Phishing attacks is one of the most popular methods for them to steal information. Hackers create a fake website to make them easier for them to gather information. These fake websites are deemed very effective to steal data, especially to people who are gullible and do not have enough knowledge to identify between a legit and a fake website.

To protect yourself against a phishing website, here are some ways on how to recognize one.

Inspect the URL

Fake websites often have the same design as the legit one, so it can be difficult to spot one by just examining its user interface. However, URLs are unique to every page, and they are something that hackers cannot copy. However, mimicking an URL is possible, but with the help of a keen eye, you will surely spot any differences. The website name is usually misspelled, and the website cannot be able to deliver data within a secured connection. Check if your connection between you and the website is secured by making sure the URL starts with HTTPS and an image of a green padlock can be seen. Usually, bank websites and social media websites transmit data over a secured connection.

Alerts sent by the browser

Popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge and Opera should be able to detect phishing websites. Follow the warning as soon as your browser gives off one.

Stay away from pop ups

Some phishing sites will redirect you to its legit counterpart, but a fake one could show up just a few moments after and is asking you for some sensitive information. When this happens, just click close.

Provide a wrong password

Because phishing websites do not have any access to the databases of the legit ones, it won’t be able to identify if you have input the right password. If you have entered a wrong password and there isn’t any error that have popped up, then most likely the site you are browsing is a fake one.

Phishing websites can also bring significant damages to a brand, especially to its reputation that they have built up many years have passed. This technological generation, protect your brand from cyberattacks and perform phishing site takedown by partnering with a trustable IT security firm like Fraudwatch International. Maintain the integrity of your brand with Fraudwatch.

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