Why the customers prefer ExpoMarketing

Expo marketing prides itself with the value they place on each of their unique customers. However, our strength lies within the services we offer clients. Our services are designed with maximum care to bridge the gaps in customer needs.

ExpoMarketing is an award-winning exhibit design and fabrication house serving clients throughout the USA. Expo marketing has been in the trade show floor business since 1991. Owing to this experience expo marketing is well versed with the ups and downs of the market place having participated in the success stories of close to 4,000 businesses and still counting. We understand the pressure that comes with planning a project for the exhibit. You can trust our expertise to give you the best advice on the entire design of your booth to the execution stage.

Customer experience with ExpoMarketing.

Our Exhibit design skills are exceptional

We offer custom builds, custom rentals, and portable displays depending on the demands for the particular exhibit. The main aim here is to achieve the perfect representation of your brand to the targeted potential customer. Our booths are created to meet specific customer demands as per the nature of their products and customers. When it comes to first experiences with clients articulating perfection in counts and “almost “is never good enough.

We offer Graphic design services

Our graphics team of experts will work with each client to their satisfaction. If you don’t have a graphics team to work on your exhibit, you can entrust that with our graphics experts. We create graphics that are eye-catching and at the same time communicating the accurate image of your brand with a lasting impact on the customers.

We assist you in managing your project

If you are running late in meeting the set deadlines in registration, getting the required compliance, shipping or labor relating to a forthcoming expo, we will come in handy to make sure that your show-case is smooth.

We offer detailed Custom Booths

With an aim to minimize transportation, drayage, and labor expenses our booths are personalized to your standards. We will work with you to come up with a high-quality booth within your budget at the same time giving the perfect image to the targeted customers.

We give customers an opportunity to choose between Custom rentals and customized purchase booths.

We offer custom rental booths which cater to the customers’ specifications. If in a dilemma, we will help you decide between buying and renting. Both come with advantages and disadvantages, but it all depends on the needs of the client. Renting allows for flexibility in changing floor for different events, without any additional costs associated with ownership.

We offer Audiovisual presentation to go with your exhibit

Our team will create the most accurate audio-visual presentation for your brand maximizing on the impact of the show to the potential customer.

We offer Booth staging services before the event

We work with our customers through the process of creating a booth. We seek to exceed the customers’ expectations in all their needs for the exhibit. If you are not able to visit we will send you a staged video for you to assess the suitability of the booth for your needs.

We offer unlimited On-site Supervision

Our team will give you the support you need on site. We will ensure that your booth is assembled in time, but also if required we will assist with any extra support on the floor including but not limited to rigging, electrical assistance, and drayage.

Get in touch with us by filling out the need assessment form on our website, and we will gladly get in touch with you.


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