7 Reasons Content is Important for Digital Marketing

Content is one of the most integral parts of any digital marketing strategy. Find out why, below.

Ah content marketing – one of the only forms of marketing that focuses on something other than conversions, however it doesn’t ignore them entirely. Content marketing has long been considered as one of the forms of digital marketing that has no clear ROI (return on investment), but, to those that think that – you could not be more wrong.

Content is the basis of every digital marketing strategy and is one of the most integral parts of pretty much every form of digital marketing. Why? Because content pretty much makes up everything in digital marketing strategies.

If you’re reading this, you may be a naysayer. However, we’re here to convince you why content is so important to include in your digital marketing strategy. Let’s get into it, below.

What is Content?

In content marketing, content includes text, graphics, videos and any interactive component on your website. A website without content is essentially useless, there’s no point bringing consumers and potential customers to your site, when there is no information or value on the pages of your site. So, content is a key element to your digital marketing online.

Content is used in social media marketing, SEO, influencer marketing and more. It’s an essential part of every method, and like we’ve said, it forms the basis for most of the different types of digital marketing.

Here’s 7 reasons why content is so important to every digital marketing strategy.

  1. It helps your website rank

In SEO, content is a key part in helping your site rank on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Your website’s content can be optimised for SEO, including plenty of keywords and relevant copy, that will match users’ search terms. Because when a user types into the search bar on Google, they’re looking for results relevant to their search. Search engine robots, or crawlers, comb through your website, analysing all the copy to find relevant information relating to different search terms. If you optimise your content correctly, you will find that you may appear higher up in the search engine results than you did before. Content helps your website rank on search engines.

  1. It helps build links

Another key part of SEO is link building. Because the crawlers we mentioned above, use links as pathways to other pages on websites. So, if there is a link from an external site, back to your own website, you may find that it’s beneficial for SEO. As long as the content linking to your site is relevant, you’ll find that these back links are beneficial for Google, to boost your ranking on the search engine. Content is key for link building and SEO.

  1. It informs potential customers

If you land on a website through searching on Google, then you’re probably likely to browse around before clicking back or moving through the site. This is where content is important again – because you need to inform users as to what your website is for. Content is essentially your first sales pitch, it needs to engage and inform users about what is on your site. They want to know exactly what they’re buying into, so they need the information presented to them in a way that makes sense but doesn’t disengage them. Content informs users about the nature of your business.

  1. It can be shared on social media

When scrolling through social media, how many times have you seen your friends repost a blog post or funny video? Some of this content is used for viral marketing purposes. Content is an essential part of boosting engagement on social media, and people clicking on your content links driver traffic to your site. When you think about the various platforms, content is an essential part of driving traffic. With sites like Instagram – images and videos are essential because it’s the basis of the platform. Utilising content on your social media channels helps drive traffic to your site.

  1. It conveys authority

What many users look for from content is for it to do two things: inform and engage. Informative content means that your users will understand more about your business, however, it will also show that you’re an expert in your field. By writing about different industry related things, you can convey to users that you’re a brand/business who knows their stuff. It provides value to a reader, and it shows your company in a better light. Content can help establish you as a leading, knowledgeable performer in your industry.

  1. It boosts conversions

Good content can help bring in more business. Although there’s no easy way to measure ROI on content, it can be an influential factor in leading the user to purchase products/services from your site. Because the persuasive power of writing can sway a potential customer into buying. By providing information of value, engaging them and finally providing them with a CTA (Call to Action) you could turn a potential customer into a purchasing customer. Never underestimate the selling power of content.

  1. It is the basis of digital marketing

Yes, after all the above and what we’ve already said, there’s no denying that content forms the basis of pretty much every form of digital marketing. For SEO content is essential to rank and build links. Social media content makes up what people share and engage with on every platform. For PPC, content is essential for the landing page. And for influencer marketing, influencers create content to promote your products/services. All digital marketing comes full circle back to content.

Content is key for digital marketing strategies, so make sure you’re investing in it. Although there is no clear ROI, the importance of content cannot be denied. It helps other forms of digital marketing in your strategy and allows you to inform and engage your readers.


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