Reorganising Your Marketing Team When the Need Arises

You can’t expect all employees to be at their best all the time. They should be, but it is unrealistic if you think that they will always be the great employees you want them to be. This is true, especially for your marketing team. Yes, they are highly qualified, but at some point, they might come up with some crazy ideas that just don’t work.

This is also why even the biggest companies still end up with errors in terms of marketing. It is perfectly fine for some of them to somehow slip. It does not mean though that you have to be forgiving all the time. At some point, you have to realise that the errors keep happening and they need to stop.

One way to prevent it is by reorganising your team. You might need new people in the marketing department who can come up with better ideas. The same people might feel too complacent with what they are doing, and they are no longer innovative. Instead of pulling each other up, they keep dragging everyone down.

To reorganise your team, you need new blood. Look for young people who can come up with new strategies that have never been tried before. They also have the drive to do something innovative and this is just the kind of person you want to be a part of the group.

You might also need seasoned marketing professional to join the team. Sometimes, you might have tunnel vision when it comes to advertising, and completely forget about good, effective, traditional techniques like the use of rollup banners. They still work and you need someone who can come up with banners that are really appealing. With a new perspective, you can make the right changes.

Just try something new

At this point, you have the option of just doing what is already being done or trying something that has never been done before. Between these two, going for a radical change is the best way of moving forward. You have already tried certain strategies and nothing has happened. You can’t expect the next months to be better – without making changes.

The new strategy to be introduced by the new marketing team might fail. It might be too radical but at the very least, you will have tried something different. At best, you will entice more people to buy what you offer. At the very least, you will have caught people’s attention. Whether or not it is enough to drive them to buy from you is a different story.

Create a stronger team

You already know what worked and what did not with your previous team. It is time for you to organise a better team with varied strengths and points of view. You need it if you want these changes to be effective.

Just don’t keep making drastic changes all the time. Give your team a chance to prove themselves before you make any more changes. Otherwise, this could affect your brand. You will just keep trying something new and won’t be able to track which idea works or not.






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