The Pros and Cons of Twitter Marketing  

Twitter is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms with users of over 1 billion. Many businesses use Twitter to publish their views and to reach the customers. The most important advantage of using Twitter includes reaching wide audience and enabling two-way communication with the customers. The disadvantage is that there is a possibility of getting negative feedback. Before committing to an account the business must monitor it for a while and decide whether it will benefit your business. You need to check whether competitors are using it. How other people in your industry are using it. How much success are your peers having on Twitter?

Twitter is a blogging service which allows registered customers to broadcast short messages called tweets. Everyone from an individual to the largest multinational corporations can use Twitter. Users pay attention to popular accounts and they’re more likely to follow them too. You show that you are popular with followers, likes and retweets. Rather than the number of followers the quality of the twitter account is determined by the amount of user interaction that it scores for each and every tweet. You can have a million followers but if none of them are interacting with what you post then you still look unpopular. It doesn’t look good. Hence it is a must to buy real twitter likes for each and every tweets.

Given below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Twitter marketing for a business.

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Multiplicities of Ads

Twitter lets the business promote its brands in various forms like promoted tweet. With the promoted tweet you can let a particular tweet to be pushed on to the timelines of users that match your target segment. Thereby the users can follow the handle and can even click on the links on the tweet reaching the various business pages of your hand. Businesses can also promote trends which appear in the search box in the app and on the left side of the timeline on browser.


Reaching millions of twitter users is the main benefit which any business will look for. Twitter’s segmented databases help to reduce time for companies to narrow their segment and can hit their targeted sections’ timeline in no time.


Shortened URL

It is possible to shorten the URL for any target webpage of your brand on which you need users to land up. It also saves the characters being used in a particular tweet giving more space for the message as well. With recent update on twitter, it shortens the URL as much as it can just by updating the number of characters used in the URL and inserting into the post.



It is to be noted that the twitter promoted trends cost very high in comparison to other social media. Those companies who want to promote their brands on twitter, higher cost of twitter marketing becomes a main drawback for them.


Getting the correct ROI is tough

It is a challenging task to get the ROI for investment made in Twitter Ads.



Promoting on twitter rigorously can prove a business as a spammer too. Once the business is on twitter the behavior of that particular handle is being judged. If it is disturbing the people then they will show less interest in your product/services and also they will negate your business’ reputation even without your knowledge.

Marketing on social media is easy and fun but it also comes with many disadvantages. Therefore before stepping into the social media activities you must be aware of all the possible consequences. Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms and has a user database that can boost any business at any given point of time.


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