Do You Know These Interesting Facts about Small Blue Pills

What comes to your mind when you think of Viagra?

Most of you would take it as the medicine that is highly used to improve your sex power and deal with the Erectile Dysfunction. That is also the major reason of purchasing these small blue pills from pharmacy online stores. This point is true, but there are many other interesting facts that many of you don’t know. Below are some of the facts that will really amaze you about its use and benefits for the human body.

Viagra Don’t Increase your Sex Appeal: Many people still believe that Viagra is one of the drugs that can help you increase the sex appeal and hence increases your retention during the intercourse. This is also a common myth that people believe. This pill actually increases the blood flow in your penis that improves the strength and helps it in better erection during the intercourse. It doesn’t increase your sex desire; instead, it works when you are planning to have a relationship with your partner.

Viagra Reacts with Some Medicines: If you are taking Viagra after medical consultation, you should know that there are some medicines which can’t take alongside Viagra. These pills can react with such medicines and cause side effects on your body. So before you take any medicine, let your doctor know about Viagra intake. You can even ask your doctor about the priority among these blue pills and your medicine.

Viagra not only treats ED problem: This is the most interesting fact that most of the people don’t know. Viagra not only works to cure erectile dysfunction, but it also helps you regulate the blood flow throughout your body that helps you regulate the cardiac problems. The major role of Viagra (regulating blood flow) makes it a good option to improve your health and strengthen your entire body.

Viagra Regulates the PDE5 enzymes: There is an enzyme called phosphodiesterase 5 which is responsible to regulate the blood flow in the penis. The intake of Viagra holds the functioning of PDE5 that improves the blood flow and gives you the adequate potential for erection. This is the only function of Viagra that many people misunderstood even today. Apart from this, there is no other function that this blue pill delivers.

Viagra has Side Effects: Many of you don’t use this pill only because it has many side effects. However, this is not true as this drug affects your body when you take it inappropriately or excessively. The excessive dosage of Viagra is one of the major reasons why people experience its side effects. Even some of you don’t even get any results because of its incorrect intake. You should always take this medicine 1-2 hours before having a diet.

Viagra was invented to Cure Chest Pain: The pills which are being used to cure ED problem was invented as a medicine to cure chest pain. In the 1980s, these pills were discovered to treat angina, chest pain which is majorly caused due to t improper blood flow. However, with time, its benefits were seen that made it a good medication to cure impotence.

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