All About Data Destruction Expertise

The headlines are full of stories about data breaches at international corporations and seemingly impenetrable political parties — no wonder so many people are talking about information security. There are professional shredders who specialize in it, but they don’t all offer the same quality of services.

Let’s describe some of the features that separate mere data destruction companies from the true experts of the industry.

Total Information Security

This is obviously the most major point there is: you need to be certain that the professional shredders you hire can guarantee that there will be no data breaches concerning the material you entrust to them.

Look for a company that hands you a certificate of destruction after the job is done, a guarantee you can hold in your hand that the documents you gave them cannot possibly lead to a data breach. The company you trust should also be members of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Professional shredders deal with serious volumes of waste, and it’s important to patronize a company that takes its commitment to environmentally safe data destruction seriously. You can’t overstate how necessary it is to protect the planet’s ecology!

Paper waste should be recycled properly, and electronic waste needs to be disposed of safely too. Not all components end up being recycled in the same final destination, so recycling electronics is more involved than may appear at first glance.

Data in All Its Forms

Professional shredders need to adapt to the modern context. This means that paper is not the only thing that needs to be destroyed. Of course it’s common for contemporary offices to contain boxes of old papers that hold sensitive data, and every shredding company needs to be able to destroy them.

But it’s just as important to be able to destroy all forms of electronic data. In addition to paper, a modern professional shredder needs to be able to safely and fully dispose of: laptops, old computers, printer and photocopier memory cards, flash and USB drives, and more.

It’s not enough to throw these in the garbage or even smash them — the company needs to be certain that the data on them cannot possibly be retrieved. The microchips themselves need to be destroyed to the point where whatever was stored on them is unrecoverable.

Last, commercial shredding also involves the ability to safely dispose of unorthodox forms of data. This means shredding: X-rays, ID cards, dental moulds, pharmaceutical packaging, uniforms with logos, and more.


The best professional shredders make shredding easy by being able to come to you to pick up the data that needs to be eliminated. The best companies pick up large volumes to be shredded at their facility, or can even do residential shredding from your own driveway in a mobile shredding truck, which is as secure as it is convenient.

If a professional shredder can’t meet all of these services, you know they aren’t really the true experts. Only trust an information security company if they can dispose of all forms of data securely and conveniently, while doing it in a way that’s environmentally friendly.

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