How Office Décor Affects Your Mood


Most people spend more hours at work than they spend anywhere else, with the exception of their home. Quite frankly, some people spend less time at home than they do at work, which is why the décor of your office space is so important. Since your office is a place where you spend a good portion of your life, it’s important to foster an environment that makes you feel good.

Spending time in a general office with poor lighting, unattractive furniture and limited space can diminish your enthusiasm. Even worse, it can reduce your productivity and affect your mood every day. The atmosphere that you create in your workspace, in many ways, can be a major factor in what you’re able to achieve over the long haul.

The good news is that you can make minor changes to your office that can immediately impact the overall appeal. Whether you have a corner office that you worked for a decade to land, or a small cubicle, you can make it your own. For starters, one of the most important aspects of customizing your office space is assessing the comfort of the furniture. An ergonomic office chair can work wonders if you’re someone who spends a lot of time at work. Many employers are willing to pay for a nice chair because they know that it can potentially mitigate Worker’s Compensation claims.

When choosing other furniture items, consider movable pieces that can accommodate a need for flexibility, which is especially important if you share a workspace. For example, there are filing cabinets, chairs and ottomans on wheels that can be used for different purposes, depending on your needs. Small businesses can benefit from movable pieces because it can also minimize expenses.

A pop of color can look great when worn as clothing, and the same thing applies to your office furniture and other décor. If you already have furniture, you can paint a wall, which will instantly transform the appearance of your office. There are also other wall treatments that can add depth and character to your office décor. It’s good to understand color theory since it really can affect your mood. For example, if you want colors that are refreshing, then you might choose greens, blues and yellows. Deeper colors can be used for a more creative aesthetic. If you are unable to paint your office, you can purchase wall art at affordable prices.

To inject life and a dose of oxygen into your office, you can introduce plants. Plants offer a surprising number of health benefits, such as an increased ability to concentrate. Plants also improve the quality of air in a room, which can affect your energy level throughout the day. Just keep in mind that certain plants are better at cleaning the air than others. You also want to look for plants that don’t require a lot of maintenance. As it relates to air quality, fragrance can also affect how you feel and there are even some fragrances that give you an extra boost of energy. Peppermint is perhaps the most popular fragrance for promoting alertness.


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