How to Find Technology Sales Agents with the Right Traits

Every sales candidate should meet a basic set of criteria, like good communication skills, experience and/or know-how related to the product, and ideally some sales experience. Technology sales is a specialization area like any other that requires a narrowed focus.

They must be able to connect customers with tech solutions that can be tailored to suit their specific situation, plus be able to transfer that knowledge onto them. Understanding your current offerings and those ofcompetitors, plus having advanced knowledge of the broader tech world is even better. On top of these basics, a winning sales representative also needs to have the right soft skills, know how to build relationships, be a helpful consultant, be able to solve technical problems, and be a resourceful team-player.

Before you can get to evaluating a group of potential hires for their ability to fit your business and its goals, there is the challenge of finding them. Spending weeks and even months posting on job boards and social media is a waste of time. A tidal wave of applications will flood in, most of whichwon’t even meet standard criteria for sales personnel, let alone show excellence in the tech sector.It’s important to access the services of a professional sales recruiting agency with a wealth of experience who can work at an incredible pace.

For example, the Sales Talent Agency has11 years of experience establishing a stellar reputation helping over 1000 companies hire sales professionals in North America. Their deep knowledge and vast networks help connect businesses in specialized sectors find invaluable candidates. Clients include Rogers, IBM, Torstar,, Rona, RedBull and more. Businesses can focus on the hiring and onboardingwhile the experts take care of the seemingly endless hassles of searching, vetting, and narrowing down processes.

Which traits are the most desirable for a technology sales agent?

The Sales Talent Agency has also specifically developed tools like DNA/PRO™ that analyzesthe six criteriathat every salesperson should have. They are:

  • Drive: goals are continually and consistently met through hard work and resilience
  • Nature: strong emotional intelligence and likeability
  • Acumen: curious, bright, and likely to evolve into an expert
  • Performance: has a proven track record at their level
  • Relevancy: background experience that suits the role
  • Opportunity Management: solid career decision-making history

As for a technological specialization, candidates should also:

  • Possess broad technological know how, and the expertise required to learn your products and those of your competitors
  • Be able to translate this knowledge to potential customers in concise layman’s terms, and use tutorials
  • Have consulting skills to assess customer needs, wants, and find a solution that suits them and their budget, and ascertain any future needs
  • Foster good relationship-building competencies to connect to clients, build trust, follow-up with them after being matched with a product or service, and maintain an ongoing relationship
  • Connect to customers at different levels from agents to managers to executives
  • Have excellent problem-solving skills, not only with technological troubleshooting, but also to examine a business’s limitations and needs, analyse the problem, and find a solution
  • Be resourceful and use research, networks, and communicationsto meet the clients’ current and changing needs and to locate prospective clients
  • Be a team player and know that personal victory can only come when the whole company is succeeding

When recruiting, it’s important to narrow down what you need for the specific role, access resources like the expert help of agencies, and interview candidates using robust criteria.

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