Why Should You Buy a Refurbished Scrubber Drier?

A scrubber drier (sometimes called a floor scrubber) can make a huge difference to your premises, your available man-hours, your staff’s energy levels and capability in their jobs, and the quality of maintenance that can be offered to your premises. With the right floor scrubber – like the ones available from Factory Cat – even the huge floorspaces of warehouses, industrial areas or hangars can be cleaned quickly and effectively, leaving your staff free to work more efficiently elsewhere.

A refurbished scrubber drier may be an even better investment, all guaranteed by the Factory Cat 12-month warranty on parts and labour. At Factory Cat, we are proud of the quality of our scrubber driers, built to last in an industrial environment. Our expertly refurbished used floor scrubbers are a cost-effective, workhorse solution to the problem of keeping your floors clean, no matter your requirements. For more information, get in touch with Factory Cat today on our telephone number, 02380 617129, or visit our website, linked throughout this post. The experts at the Factory Cat Head Office will be happy to help you find the ideal refurbished floor scrubber for your needs!

Why Do You Need a Scrubber Drier?

If you find that too much time or effort is being dedicated to keeping your floors clean, or that your cleaning staff are having a hard time keeping to standards of performance, then you may be in need of a floor scrubber.

Floor scrubbers are machines which use a “scrubbing deck” to forcefully clean a floor. Equipped with powerful motors to drive the brushes, and with cleaning fluid reserves to ensure a smooth clean, a floor scrubber drier is able to dispense cleaning fluid, scrub the floor surface with it, then vacuum it up again using a squeegee-attachment at the rear of the scrubber drier.

As a result, a floor scrubber drier – including used floor scrubbers – can clean, scrub and dry a section of floor in one pass, transforming the work needed to clean that section of floor from a gruelling, multi-stage cleaning operation by hand into one simple swipe of the scrubber drier.

The advantages of this are obvious if you need to clean a large area in a limited amount of time, or you have limits to the available manpower that can maintain your premises. If either of those instances applies to your business (and it seems impossible that they would not) then a floor scrubber can free up a huge amount of time and energy from your maintenance crews, enabling them to work more effectively across the board.

What is a Floor Scrubber?

As mentioned above, a floor scrubber is a sort of machine – either pushed or ridden on – which is equipped with a motorised scrubber, a cleaning solution tank and dispenser, and a vacuum which collects the cleaning fluid and stores it in a separate tank to the clean water.

Floor scrubbers are ideal in situations where large areas of flooring must be cleaned quickly and effectively.

How are Used Floor Scrubbers Refurbished?

Used floor scrubbers are refurbished by taking them apart and fully maintaining them, piece by piece. Any worn or aging component is replaced, new brush decks, squeegees and other expendable components are installed, and the machine is thoroughly tested to ensure full compliance with Factory Cat’s demanding standards for excellence.

In all our scrubber driers, Factory Cat requires durability, reliability and performance – that’s part of the Factory Cat promise, and the reason any refurbished floor scrubber from us comes with a 12-month warranty covering parts and labour. We’re completely confident in the quality and toughness of our scrubber driers, and we want to share that confidence with our clients!

What are the Advantages of a Refurbished Scrubber Drier?

When you buy used floor scrubber from Factory Cat, you’re getting a quality machine, built to last in an industrial environment and perfect for a range of applications including education, medical, penal, institutional, scientific, industrial, nautical, storage, and many others! The advantages compared to the competition include, but are not limited to:


Despite their full refurbishment, when you see a used floor scrubber for sale, you can rest assured that it carries a price tag that is unbeatably reasonable. For more information on the prices on the used floor scrubbers for sale from Factory Cat, contact us today on our telephone number, 02380 617129, or visit our site, linked throughout this blog post! We’ll be happy to provide quotations for any machinery you need, refurbished or otherwise.


We are so confident in the reliability and durability of our machines that any refurbished floor scrubber from Factory Cat comes with a twelve-month warranty covering parts and labour. You’ll be able to rely on your used scrubber drier, with support from the experts at Factory Cat making sure your floor scrubber is up and running when you need it!


When you see a used floor scrubber for sale from Factory Cat, you can be sure that it can provide a great standard of cleaning and excellent performance across the board. This is thanks to scrubber decks which are pushed down against the floor with an actuator ram, providing more force than a lever could, and cleaning fluid dispensers which can be calibrated to dispense exactly the required amount of cleaning fluid, ensuring a more efficient use of resources.


As mentioned above, the used floor scrubbers for sale from Factory Cat have a 12-month warranty that covers parts and labour, making sure that you always have the support of the industry-leading experts when you need it most!

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